We're supporting Natasha!

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East Bay Express (#1)

Middleton, a management analyst at the Alameda County Probation Department, is extremely thoughtful, and we believe she will be especially effective in helping Oakland deal with its homeless issues.

Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club (Sole Endorsement)

Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County (#1)

The Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County is proud to endorse Natasha Middleton as our number one choice for Oakland City Council, District 6. Natasha’s commitment to working families and her experience working on city issues and budgets makes her the best choice for City Council. We look forward to working together with Natasha to improve the lives of working people and all Oaklanders. – Andreas Cluver, Secretary-Treasurer

East Bay Animal PAC

East Bay Residents for Responsible Development (sole)

Our endorsed candidates have pledged to ensure labor standards on Oakland's construction; work with other elected leaders to obtain local hire, apprenticeship opportunities and family sustaining wages for Oakland residents, and work tirelessly to level the playing field so working class families benefit from the construction and not just developers!

East Bay Women's Political Alliance (Sole Endorsement)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 595 (Sole Endorsement)

IBEW Union Local 595 is proud to endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. We look forward to partnering with Natasha for the betterment of working families in Oakland. – Greg Bonato, Business Representative for the union.

Iron Workers Local 378 (Sole Endorsement)

As you know, the district has been vastly underrepresented in recent years; and the Iron Workers feel you are the person to bring quality leadership and representation to the working families in District 6. – Ken Miller, Business Agent and Political Director

Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 104 (Sole Endorsement)

Natasha Middleton is the best candidate to bring new, livable wage jobs and more opportunity to District 6 and all of Oakland. Sheet Metal Workers' Local 104 is proud to endorse Natasha for Oakland City Council, District 6. – Rick Werner, President/Business Manager, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union No. 104.

Northern California Carpenters Regional Council (Sole Endorsement)

The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council is proud to endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. We look forward to working with Natasha on improving the lives of working families in Oakland.

District 16 Council, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (Sole Endorsement)

Teamsters Joint Council 7 (#1)

The Teamsters Joint Council 7, which includes more than 5,000 members in the city of Oakland and more than 100,000 in Northern California, is proud to give Natasha Middleton our first choice endorsement for Oakland City Council, District 6. We provide working men and women with a voice on the job, but we also need strong leaders at City Hall. Natasha Middleton is a policy expert and a friend to working families – that’s why she’s our first choice for City Council.

East Bay Times (#2)

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte (#2)

Block By Block Organizing Network (#2)

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club (#2)

Elected and Appointed Officials

California State Senator

Nancy Skinner

I am proud to endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. Natasha is a public safety expert and highly competent professional. She will be a great asset to the Oakland City Council.
California Assemblymember

Rob Bonta

I am proud to endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. Natasha is a highly qualified public policy expert who knows the issues facing District 6. She will fight passionately for solutions in her district while making sure that all of Oakland will thrive.
California State Assemblymember

Tony Thurmond

I enthusiastically endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. As a former city councilmember with two terms in the legislature, I can say with confidence that Oakland needs policy-focused leaders like Natasha Middleton to partner with state and regional leaders to solve our complex problems.
Alameda County Supervisor

Nate Miley (#1)

Oakland City Councilmember, District 4

Annie Campbell Washington

Natasha Middleton is the serious leader Oakland needs in District 6. Natasha will bring people together so we can solve problems, not create them.
Oakland City Councilmember, District 1

Dan Kalb (#1)

Mayor of Oakland

Libby Schaaf (#2)

Natasha is a long-time D6 resident and self-professed budget nerd. She works as an Analyst for Alameda County’s Probation Department and served on Oakland’s Safety & Services Oversight Commission. Her detailed and pragmatic platform is impressive. Emerge grad. She’s upbeat, a policy wonk and would hit the ground running.
BART Board of Directors, District 7

Lateefah Simon

Former Commissioner, Port of Oakland

Bryan Parker (#1)

Natasha truly cares about her community. She has lived in the in D6 for many years, and raised her son in the Oakland public schools, and I believe would work very hard to give D6 the very best representation. She is uniquely qualified to bring change to City Hall, bringing both independence and ability to work with others to build needed coalitions to make sure we all have the Oakland we deserve. I hope you will vote for Natasha in November with your #1 choice.
Mayor, City of El Cerrito

Gabriel Quinto

Vice Mayor, City of Alameda

Malia Vella

Berkeley City Councilmember, District 8

Lori Droste

Peralta Community College District Board Trustee

Linda Handy

Commissioner, Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Oversight Commission (Measure Z)

Rebecca Alvarado

Vice Chair, California Democratic Party African American Caucus

Taisha Brown

I support Natasha!
Chair, Maxwell Park Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council

Jose Dorado

Vice Chair, El Cerrito Planning Commissioner

Carla Hansen

I’m happy to support my Emerge and Mills College sister. She’s professional, thoughtful, wicked-smart and dedicated to Oakland.
Commissioner, Oakland Public Library Advisory Commission

Tyron Jordan

It's time for strong and dynamic leadership in District 6.
Former chair, California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs; Former President of the API Democratic Caucus of Alameda County

Phong La (#1)

Chair, Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Oversight Commission (Measure Z)

Jody Nunez


Author, Civil Rights Activist, Former Chair, Black Panther Party

Elaine Brown

I wholeheartedly endorse Natasha Middleton for Oakland City Council, District 6. It’s time for District 6 to have a representative who will solve problems, not create them. It’s time for District 6 to be represented by a councilmember who will work for all the people, not a select few. It’s time for a principled, policy-focused councilmember who will do the work to address the District 6 housing crisis, lack of business and local development and other critical issues. It’s time for Natasha Middleton for City Council.

Father Jayson Landeza

Natasha Middleton is a compassionate, accomplished leader who will always prioritize the needs of the least among us. She will keep Oakland focused on what matters most, and work give all Oaklanders a chance to realize their potential. I know she will be a great councilmember and wholeheartedly endorse her.

Pastor Vickia Brinkley


Lily Achatz

Natasha Middleton has your back!

Tina M. Bryant

Leif Dautch

Natasha has the experience and ideas to move our criminal justice system forward. I'm proud to support her.

Al Davis

Founder, Madera Group

Kath Delaney

Audrey Estrellado-Meyer

I met Natasha over 20 years ago. Integrity, accountability and commitment come to mind when I think of her.
Oakland attorney

Michael Foster

Lori Gibson-Washington

Follow-through is Natasha's middle name. If she commits to doing something, you can count on it being done.

Dobro Goodale

I’m supporting Natasha because I know she will get things done and stay focused!

Anthony Hughes

Robert James

I’ve know Natasha for over 20 years. She is a bright, gifted and street smarts person who has the best interest in mind for Oakland and District 6.

Ann Kennedy

As a retiree, and long time Oakland resident, and former Workforce Investment Board member, I support Natasha Middleton for council.

Anthony Mack

Principal Geochemist

Angus McGrath

I strongly endorse Natasha’s candidacy for City Council. Natasha is a problem solver and a strong advocate who is able to listen to all sides in a debate and bring people together around a shared solution. I have known Natasha for over 15 years and have been impressed by her energy and dynamism. From organizing food and supplies for the homeless to making sure our sons are informed about the issues, she is a tireless advocate for the betterment of her community. Please join me in supporting Natasha!!

Patricia Mintz

I support Natasha Middleton to bring her leadership and deep knowledge of Oakland to our community.
Former COO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Leigh Morgan

Vice President of Operations - Construction

Marcella Nava

Winter Oxford

Danny Peralta-Cieloha

Natasha knows and has served our 94619 neighborhood well. She works with us proactively to solve problems. There's no waiting for an 1 a.m. Thursday district office hour; She calls and gets involved. I'm confident she'll continue to walk the walk of real-time constituent service for all of District 6!

Heidi Pickman

Natasha is smart, cares deeply about Oakland and will do what's best for our city.

Delores Presley

Supporting you on this journey.
Past PTO President, Montera Middle School

Debe Rapson

Like most others, we are disillusioned by our national and local political climate. While we are outraged by those who govern us, we are intent on making an impact on Oakland politics by supporting a thoughtful and less divisive candidate, one who is in touch with what Oakland's people and what our city needs, someone who has the vision, temperament and experience to get things done on our city council. That person is Natasha Middleton.

Tannis Reinhertz

So thrilled to see that you are running!!
Secretary San Leandro Democratic Club; Delegate 2012 Democratic National Convention; Friend

Leslie Robertson

Past President, Thornhill Elementary School PFC (Parent Faculty Club)

Margaret Schultz

Oakland Attorney

Michael J. Smith

Laurel Book Store

Luan Stauss

We have strong candidates in District 6 and the most qualified one, Natasha, has my vote.

Bobby Ward

Dee Ward

Cassie Webster

Dawna Williams

Oakland needs representatives who are collaborative, negotiators and who can garner the cooperation of their constituents as well as community and business leaders. Who see the inequality in the myriad of Oakland neighborhoods and who will fight to tip the scales so that the people she represents have the same resources and opportunities they need and deserve.